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The name Seven Keys Consulting was born from the work of Jack Canfield and his description of seven key areas of life in his book, Key to Living the Law of Attraction.

The seven key areas are: Personal Goals, Relationships, Health and Body, Career and Education, Recreation, Financial and Contribution.

We all have these ares in our lives and they are changing everyday. Once we become conscious of our presence in each of these areas we can make choices about how we want to live them. We create a life that we want to live rather than going through the motions of daily life.

In an EPIC life we Evaluate who we are, Picture the life we want, have Intention in our daily choices and actions and Create it!

Barb can help you to walk through these steps using personalized approaches and healing tools.

Get in touch today for a free introduction to the process.

About Us

Healing Solutions to living an EPIC life

Seven Keys Consulting was founded in 2013 with a mission of providing person-centred supports, consultation and training in all areas of human service. Most of this work has been done in collaboration with the Helen Sanderson Associates Canada (HSA Canada) team. Over the last six years our mission has grown based on the learning we have done through this work. We believe everyone deserves to live a meaningful life of choice, free from judgement. We have the power to chose the life we want and chase after it with passion and purpose. Even the sky is not a limit. The key to living this life is to take the time to explore who you are and what experiences have built the person you are today.

Barb Swartz-Biscaro is the owner of Seven Keys consulting and has personally used all of the approaches that she suggests for her clients. She has expanded on the work she does with HSA Canada to include one-on-one approaches to life coaching and healing services. She has created her own EPIC Life.

Barb is a Social Service Worker, motivational/keynote speaker, Reiki Master and a Minessence Values Practitioner.


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