• Barb Swartz-Biscaro

Values discovery

Just when I think I have learned all there is to know about what has built me.....BAM.....a new opportunity to learn more arises.

I dug into my values and the realizations were astounding. The Minessence Values Inventory was the tool I was introduced to. The results brought so much more understanding of who I am and why I do the things I do. Values are neutral, there is no good or bad. Your values are unique and have done a wonderful job of bringing you to the place you are in today. Once you know what they are and how they show up in your life you can decide which ones serve you to achieve the life you want to live.

I am now in the process of becoming an Accredited Minessence Values Consultant as I think offering this in my life coaching practice will be so powerful in helping people set a direction for success.

Here are my top ten values!

Of course they can and will change based on the life situation you are in. What is most amazing to me is that you cannot "trick" this inventory. Because values are emotional and we hold them in the part of the brain that has no language we have a deep connection to each and every one that we cannot explain. When taking the inventory, you can try to make it "look" good, try to be the "ideal" you but your emotional response to answering in a way that feels uncomfortable will stop you in your tracks. You will be drawn to the answer that brings you the best feeling and this is why this inventory is so accurate.

What you see above may have no meaning to you at all because it's mine. Exploring this has brought me to a new place in life. I am excited to get started with others to help them understand their own.

I am looking for my first "guinea pig" to discuss a values profile with. Let me know if you are interested!



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