• Barb Swartz-Biscaro

Welcome to my new site

I thought my first post should be a brief introduction to who I am, how I have used the approaches I share with others and how I transformed my life to be EPIC.

At the age of 45 you can imagine there are a lot of experiences that have brought me to the place I am today. My 23 years of work in Social Services has also helped me to form a broad and open approach to the work that I do with others.

I was born the third of four children, oldest girl. My parents moved us from Niagara to Maple Island when I was 18 months old. My home is Maple Island, ON. We were raised in a modest home with working parents; working to provide for us and to have a little fun. Dad worked away from home often and mom was the main caregiver; our one constant.

Some traumatic experiences in childhood led me to some serious mental health issues that I didn't realize existed until I was in my early 20's; in fact after I became a mom. Now a mother of 3 there was a point where my mental health got so bad I had to seek help. Since the age of 39 I have been on a deep journey of learning about me and healing. I give much credit to the work I do with Helen Sanderson Associates as the person-centred approaches that we use in that work have been very valuable in learning more about me. I believe; if we listen deeply to the path put in front of us; we will find the place we are meant to be. All of my experiences in personal and work life have led me to a place of comfort, joy and love.

I am now on my second marriage with an additional 4 step-children, 2 grandchildren and 3 in-law children. We live quite comfortably on our 100 acre farm with our dog Dexter and some chickens in the summer months. With two kids left at home our days are filled with chores, work, errands, joy and love. Living an EPIC life is not about all happiness, it is about living now, consciously, and facing difficulty with grace.

Through all of the approaches I use with others, I have created my EPIC life. Reiki and Oracle Cards are part of my daily life. They have brought such an amazing transformation and compliment to the healing journey I have been on; I want to share with others. I would love for others to find a place of peace in their lives as well. I will continue sharing this journey in future posts.

Join me.



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